Exclusive Productions

We can help you by creating a music track of which is totally unique and kept under lock and key until the big performance day.

This could be something made from scratch using royalty free samples and instruments or tracks created by other artists / bands or composers which can be edited to work together with extra sounds and effects added complimenting the original recording yet fitting ever better to the performance time limit required.

Gymnastic Performance Music Tracks which are used as part of an Exclusive Edit are purchased directly from reputable stores before use.

Please support these Artists/Bands/Composers by Purchasing or Licensing their music direct with them or thier publishers.

Splitz Studioz do not claim to own the material used within the edited tracks used in the gymnastics performances.

We intend only to bring awareness and return to the original artist through the art of gymnastics performance.

Splitz Gymnastics holds required ” The Music Licence [ PPL/PRS ]

Gym Performance Venues hold required ” The Music Licence [ PPL/PRS ]

Beep Adding

We can help you by adding an industry beep or your own beep to the start of your track.

Track Timing & Trimming

We can help you re-structure the track and adjust the timing to fit into the required time limit.

The majority of tracks are like jigsaw puzzles where we can chop it into bits and move the pieces until they fit in a different way but still result in a finished puzzle.

Track Speed & Pitch Edits

We can help you by Speeding Up or Down your tracks with maintaining the Pitch as much as possible without it sounding like a Chipmunk or Ogre.

Unless you want it to sound like that of course !! 8)

Track Sourcing

We can help you source music for your routine performances with over 30 years experience of working with music.

Voice Over & Watermarking

We can help you by adding Introduction / Walk on Voice Over Vocals or Vocal Watermarking to protect your music when being uploaded.

Vocal Removal & Cloaking

We can help you by Removing or Cloaking Vocals in tracks which are inappropriate for
Performance Music.

File Converting

We can help you by converting your track if its in the wrong file type to be played on competition venue sound systems.

Industry Standard is Mp3 320kpbs.


We can help make sure your track has a final professional sound ready to stand up against other recorded music by adjusting the quality such as it being too loud, too quiet, too bassy, too tinny.

Music Production Tutorials

We can offer tutorials if you would like to learn how the music is created and edited behind the scenes

We can supply music for the below disciplines and music events.

Dance Music • Remixes • Mashups • Gymnastics • Gym Music • Acrobatic • Aerobic • Artistic
Cheerleading • Club Introduction • Club Entrance • Gymnasts Entrance • Walk On • Displays
Festivals • Fetes • Floor & Vault • Grades • March • Motivational • Parkour • Senior Performance
Street Dance • Trampoline • Tumbling • Womens Artistic